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Vancouver Island Yoga School

A Simple Life

Each day, we gather after the call to prayer for morning meditation, followed by Mysore practice. At 11 am, we meet for circle time with sharing, chanting and learning about the Indian goddesses. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in between become a cherished time to commune and delight over the food. For the chef and kitchen staff, it is a time of celebration, cooking together and feeling the joy in our expressions of gratitude for being taken care of so well.

Each day brings new insights, openings and clarity around the possibilities of a life lived in balance and wholeness. Ayurvedic massages, a couple of times per week, deepen the possibilities of a relaxed body and mind. Living a simple life everyday with practice, nourishing food, rest and time for reflection fills our spirits up. We tune in to the energy of Durga for strength and protection, Kali for transformation and Lakshmi for inner abundance, which includes a harmonious balance of receiving life’s experiences as a blessing.