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Vancouver Island Yoga School

About VIYS

We are happy to introduce our new name: Vancouver Island Yoga School. We are looking to bring you a deeper and richer experience. You will see more courses, workshops, and class series in addition to the schedule of public classes we have always offered.

The last two years have made it clear that our current model is not sustainable and is too vulnerable, depending on high, consistent volume. We have been pushed to the brink and know this is no longer a realistic business model. We also recognize there is more need to connect and learn together. We are excited about the path ahead!

There are still a lot of question marks and work to do behind the scenes. We will share more as we go along. These are the first steps forward.

We have been inspired to evolve as a community toward a model that will be sustainable and will offer more educational experiences in group settings for our students. As a yoga school, we will offer more training, workshops, and class opportunities for knowledge and personal transformation through the wisdom teachings.

We are adopting a hybrid model with registered programs and public classes you can drop into. You will still be able to practice the way you currently do. But, for those interested, there will be more opportunities for a student to learn and grow. Our teachers have so much more to offer than what’s currently been on the schedule. This is an exciting chance to grow together.

Public classes are what we currently offer – everyone is welcome to sign up ahead or on the day of the class. There is flexibility in the schedule.

Registered programs are a closed series of anywhere from 1-10 classes. A student signs up in advance for all sessions. There is more commitment required from both students and teachers.

The benefits of registered programs are enormous. Some benefits include:

  • Smaller groups
  • Maintaining a “bubble” with the same group each week.
  • The teacher learns where you are in your practice and can offer more help specific to what you need.
  • More time for questions and discussion
  • More in-depth teachings exploring specific themes, philosophies, pose breakdowns, etc.
  • Classes can be progressive — each week building on the last.

Some registered programs will be included in your membership, and some must be purchased separately.

In the coming months, we will add more registered programs and public classes. We will release more information as we go — it’s all still a living, breathing work in progress. We invite you to check our schedule regularly for new opportunities!