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Circle Time

Oh, how we treasure circle time together to share ourselves! We chant, listen to stories of the goddesses and grow in understanding of each other. Beautiful, wise goddesses are gathered here. The attention, curiosity, and courage of these wild women as they take a deep dive into what is calling for them lifts me every day.

When I am here, I can’t imagine returning to my old life. I treasure each day as a gift: sowing the seeds of the teachings of Mother India now, to blossom later.

Yesterday as we were exploring the Goddess Durga through our practices, she came to us through an intense rain, with lightning
and wind. She called to us through the storm, acknowledging our work here.

Today, a little break for us to have some quiet time or to explore the treasures here.

Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 07 - Circle Time