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Return to the Roots Yoga Mentorship: 2023

Teacher Training - VI Yoga School

Dates: Jan 28+ 29, Feb 11+ 12, March 25th


 Includes: 2-month unlimited pass, teaching opportunity, 1-1 support, Canadian Yoga Alliance credits, and more! 

Deborah Adjustment 1 - VI Yoga School

This mentorship will support teachers to build confidence in their teaching and strengthen their foundation in the roots of classical Yoga (Philosophy and Asana).  With opportunities to practice teaching, receive feedback, learn how to find your niche and teach with skill and intuition. 

Perfect for teachers looking to develop their teaching in a supportive and kind environment. 


If you’re interested in applying, please send us an email with info about you and why you are interested in joining the mentorship: 

  • Supporting new teachers to build confidence in teaching classical postures adapted to unique audiences

  • Learn to communicate verbal instructions and cues without demonstrating or feeling confined to your mat

  • Learn to move around the room, adjust students and be more engaged with the students

  • Learning to teach who is in front of you and adapting to meet your classes needs

  • Opportunities to practice, receive feedback and teach the philosophical elements of Yoga

  • Invitational, trauma-informed language and practice

  • Learn to use your voice to energize, inspire or soothe and calm the nervous system

  • How to incorporate bolsters, props and relaxation techniques

  • Developing your business model: what to consider, marketing and how to build a niche and find your community

  • Goals and Aspirations: Bringing ideas to life, seeking community opportunities

Ready to take the next step in your teaching and personal growth? Reach out: