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Gina Cracknell

Gina came to VI Yoga 13 years ago. She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was struggling with depression and anxiety. The atmosphere of kindness and acceptance combined with the teaching of careful body alignment drew her to practice yoga. She began to attend regularly enjoying the love, community, care, acceptance, and gentleness that she found within the studio, herself and her body.

Gina completed her 300hr yoga teacher training under VI Yoga School.

She experiences that yoga limbers, strengthens and relieves her body from pain. She loves that she is welcome on her mat in all her physical conditions and fluid emotions. “Some days I come to class feeling stiff, achy or frustrated and I soon feel the relief of my pain as I slowly move through the meditative postures. I enjoy the practice of focusing on the motions and breath and letting go of all other concerns during yoga. The community of this studio is warmly embracing and I am delighted to attend daily.”