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Vancouver Island Yoga School

Healing Light Yoga

w/ Asrael Zemenick

When: Sunday, January 29th, 2017, 12:30 – 3:30 pm
Where: Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center, 360 Duncan St, Duncan BC

Immerse yourself in deep transformational healing, as you surrender to your mat in this gentle and restorative workshop.

Experience the transformative power of your being as you connect with your breath, restorative yoga postures, and the subtle energy body (chakras, nadis, and more) in this gentle yoga class. It’s wonderful for all levels, and all body types. No yoga experience is necessary.

Healing Light Yoga Therapy utilizes our consciousness (pure awareness) and the power of subtle intention to create balance on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, karmic, and spiritual levels of life.

This practice is very subtle, yet extremely powerful as it helps us to come to know and release that which stands in the way of realizing our full potential.

This will be an experiential class. There is some talking and sharing in a circle throughout, and much time journeying deeply into our consciousness through breath, intention and surrender.

This is a restorative class available for ANY body and ALL levels of yoga students. The yoga journey is from the inside out – so even just sitting in a chair or lying down the whole time – will not affect the process. 🙂

Cost: $55 + tax. Call Asrael for more information at 250 597 3973.

About Asrael

Asrael Zemenick

Asrael is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. She is a graduate of New World Ayurveda, studying under Dr. Paul Dugliss, and is also on their faculty. Her training includes specialized intensives in Ayurvedic Energy Healing, Pancha Karma, Jyotish Astrology, and Ayurvedic Yoga. She has spent many months in India, immersing herself in the culture and the knowledge available there as well. Asrael runs her own Ayurvedic Healing Practice, where she focuses on expanding consciousness: working with all the different koshic layers, from the physical to the spiritual, to create balance and bliss for all.

Healing Light Workshop