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Judy Lamontagne

I began my life’s journey as an athlete seeking adventure and fitness, and have recently begun the adventure of discovering myself through Somatics, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. I currently work as a Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach, a Somatics practitioner/educator, and recently completed my Yoga Teacher Training.

Somatics is about experiencing the body from within. As I began to explore my body somatically, I have been able to release old uncomfortable habitual physical patterns of movement, and also old and uncomfortable patterns of behaviours and attitudes. I had no idea that such gentle movements could create such profound emotional releases. Releasing chronic tightness in the body releases chronic restrictions of the emotions.

Somatics is mindfulness. I see the beauty and joy in the simplest things, and feel more accepting and less judgemental of all things, including myself. Loving compassion for myself allows me to have loving compassion for all things.

Then I discovered yoga. Yoga has brought a sense of peace into my life. Coming to my yoga mat each day is a discipline in self-care. Yoga and somatics together have developed a mindfulness and a softening that is an incredible gift to myself.

I have taught somatics for 4 years, and as I watch the class participants soften and let go as we progress through each class, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to pass on this life-changing information. As a new yoga teacher I am filled with a sense of gratitude, and I feel honoured to be able to pass on what I have learned.

Somatics and yoga have allowed me to return to my authentic self.

My purpose as a somatics yoga teacher is to educate those who are ready to experience themselves. To shed what is no longer needed, and to learn to love and accept what is. To begin this journey to the self takes courage and trust.

I honour each and everyone who starts this somatic yoga pathway.