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Julie O’Brien

Julie began practicing yoga in 2017 and fell in love with the healing benefits of the practice that brought contentment and ease into her life. As yoga began to transform her, she looked for ways to deepen her practice and relationship with herself through yin yoga, meditation, pranic healing, pranayama, and chanting mantra.

She recently completed a 200-hour teacher training at Mocean Yoga in the Comox Valley and is deeply grateful to be a part of Vancouver Island Yoga School, to share the gift of yoga with loving compassion, to support an inclusive community, and to be a (forever) student.

Julie believes that yoga is an experience of the self, that opens us up to our true nature, and inspires greater balance and harmony within ourselves. She trusts in the healing power of this practice, both physically and spiritually, and wishes to hold space for people to experience an honest, authentic version of themselves.

Off the mat, you can find Julie spending time with her beautiful family in nature, out on the water, gardening, hiking, and dancing.

Julie aspires to create a warm and supportive experience for anyone who wishes to join her on the mat for a nourishing practice with a focus on breath awareness, meditation, and mindful movements connecting mind, body, and heart.

Julie O'Brien - VI Yoga School