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So many wonder-filled moments describe our time in India this year. Starting with a tour of Northern India from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur, Shaz from G Adventures kept us spellbound with his storytelling and knowledge of the historic palaces and the dynasties of the time.

Fifteen women on a journey together that included spontaneous dancing to Bollywood music in a coffee shop as well as samosas and mango ice cream for a light dinner. The memories are sitting in the back of my mind waiting to be reviewed and cherished.

The lessons of India are that life is celebrated through festivals, gatherings and family time filled with colour, delicious food, love and generosity. India is a place of deep connection to spirituality, spoken and practiced daily. Whomever your god or goddess is matters not — it is the devotion, commitment and faith that gives people purpose, contentment and meaning in their lives.

I leave India with sorrow in my heart, but also with a vow to live her grace here.


Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 16 - Visitors