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A Month of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India

A summary of my month of study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India. – Deborah

What does a month of practising Ashtanga Yoga, six days a week, Mysore-style, do for you?

The practice

Getting up around 4:30 am, having a cup of coffee,  getting ready, then an 8-minute walk to the Shala (school). Arriving in the room, joining others who have been there for a while. The room is warm and humid and after about the third sun salutation, sweat is pouring off my face and limbs.

Practising the Primary Series, about 72 postures linked by breath and movement (Vinyasa), each day. Beginning the practice with 10 Sun Salutations (5 Surya Namaskar A, 5 Surya Namaskar B). Standing postures done in proper sequence, then the seated sequence with Vinyasa between each side. Jumping back and jumping through. Finishing postures that include shoulder and head stand. Ten minutes of Pranayama before a short rest.

The benefits

For me, the benefits are a strong and light body, a relaxed disposition toward the ups and downs of daily life, and a continual deepening into spiritual practice. More open-hearted, creative, energetic and content. Able now to sit in stillness with a deep reverence for life.

Developing a strong discipline, that no matter how much my inner voice may want to resist, I hit the mat anyway with a beginner’s mind, open to whatever insights and challenges arise that day.

Makes doing life seem pretty easy in comparison!

Daily practice develops strength, flexible body and mind, purification of mind/body and a realization that our self-imposed limitations are in the mind. When the body can do something amazing, the mind follows and reaches a higher potential.

That is why I practice. Hope to see you on the mat.


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Deborah and Jenesa travelled to Mysore, India, to practice at the heart of Ashtanga Yoga. Deb’s writes about their practice and lessons learned in their travels. Click on the pic to read Deb’s travel blog.

Deb and Jenesa outside the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Deborah Pincha Mayurasana