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Rhonda Ferguson

Rhonda Ferguson was drawn to the yoga mat ten years ago during a couple of personal yoga retreats in Mexico. Sports had always been a part of her life, but yoga hit a note she had never before experienced during her years of many sports.

It was a recent discovery of Ashtanga Yoga that reignited her interest in yoga and so began her formal practice. She was drawn to the connection pranayama and asana, along with the philosophies of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Her challenge is to maintain a balance between effort and ease not only in her practice but in all aspects of her life.

Rhonda recently finished a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Harmony Yoga with Deborah Carruthers. Since being certified, she has been teaching community classes based on the Ashtanga method.

Rhonda is excited to be able to give back to the community she was born and raised in.

Students would describe their yoga practice with Rhonda as light with an element of playfulness. They love her calm voice and her clear and simple instructions.

“It is such a curiously beautiful way of getting to know ourselves.” —Rhonda Ferguson

Rhonda Ferguson