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The lessons of India are that life is celebrated through festivals, gatherings and family time filled with colour, delicious food, love and generosity. India is a place of deep connection…

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A Simple Life

Living a simple life everyday with practice, nourishing food, rest and time for reflection fills our spirits up. We tune in to the energy of Durga for strength and protection, Kali for transformation…

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Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 12 - Learning to Receive

Learning to Receive

I have not been able to write much, as the cold I picked up in Delhi has almost dropped me to my knees. I know the biggest lesson is mine: learning to receive love and care from others…

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Sharing Culture

We delight in the pride and joy our hosts show in sharing culture through food and service. The sharing of food and the culture that shapes it is a ritual that shapes and expands our hearts…

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We have settled into a rhythm of meditation, Asana practice, and enjoyment of three incredible meals every day. Feeling blessed by the simplicity of life here. For me, it is practice, teaching…

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Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 07 - Circle Time

Circle Time

Oh, how we treasure circle time together to share ourselves! We chant, listen to stories of the goddesses and grow in understanding of each other. Beautiful, wise goddesses are gathered here…

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Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 01 - Deeper Understanding After North India Tour

Deeper Understanding

This journey has given me a deeper understanding of myself and really slowed me down. By grace, I started to get sick with a cold almost right away. I found myself skipping dinner a couple of nights…

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Debs India Blog - 2019 Nov 02 - Village Life_crop

Love, Kindness, & Generosity

For me, the highlight of the trip was our visit to a small village with a traditional lifestyle. We were invited into her home, and she cooked us a traditional meal of chickpeas, roti, and curry…

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Debs India Blog - 2019 Oct 31 - Joy


Joy is bubbling this morning as we start the bus journey to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. We stopped into this coffee bar. The young man serving us was playing loud Bollywood music. We couldn’t help ourselves…

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