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Victoria Baldwin

Victoria started her yoga journey in 2013 while pregnant with her son. Her personal practice began with Prenatal Yoga, Hatha, Yin  – and then quickly evolved to Hot Vinyasa and Power Flow.

Being a new mother, yoga was the only hour or two a week she had to truly devote to herself. She’d go early and stay as long as she could, the silence was truly golden. Being a mother changed Victoria, the things she cared about, and her passions just weren’t the same anymore. Besides her family (and her dogs) yoga was the only thing she felt truly passionate about. Deepening into her spirituality, truly feeling her body, and the growing clarity in her mind. Immense gratitude led her to want to do a YTT and share what she had found with others. For years she researched and looked into many YTT’s – there was always a reason it didn’t work out. Victoria thinks the universe had a way of leading her to the right one. She completed a 300-hour Ashtanga training with Debora (VIYS), Geoff Mackenzie (First Light Yoga- Vancouver), and Shelley D’Amico (Namaskar Yoga, Parksville) in early 2024. Victoria is so grateful she was led to Ashtanga and is falling more and more in love with it every day. She is always excited to learn more on this journey. 

Victoria is a compassionate person with a love for all life whether that be plants, animals, or humans. Other things she enjoys are spending time with her family, sitting next to the river in the sun, swimming outside, walking in the forest, and dancing. Quality foods are a high priority for her as well as preventive care.